Bike Stores

Bike Stores

Microsoft Retail Management System (Microsoft RMS) is an ideal solution for a single bike store through to a multi-store chain.  Due to the high value of stock, stock control and managing customer orders is critical, whilst having an intuitive and fast Point of Sale system that can track sales by customer.

Microsoft RMS supports custom bike builds and customer quotes can be easily created and tracked, allowing simple conversion to a Customer Work Order that can be tracked through to a Supplier Purchase Order.

Adding the Service Manager Plug-in to Microsoft RMS provides a solution to manage your workshop and allocate tasks to your mechanics, including:

  • Convert customer quotes to scheduled Jobs by Mechanic
  • Allocate customer repairs or Tune-ups by time, day and Mechanic
  • Manage and allocate Labour charges
  • Email or SMS the customer once the work has been completed.

Advantage Solutions Integrated RMS Ecommerce Interface enables an Online shopping store to be quickly set up.  Our RMS Ecommerce Interface provides full integrated with RMS, allowing products, categories and price to be fully maintained in RMS, removing any duplication of effort (for full details …)