Our point of sale (POS) hardware or software solutions provides you the foundation to run your business smoothly. In addition to keeping our promise of making your business better, we assist you with our training program.
Installation can be an intimidating task for some of you. There are individuals who prefer the comfort and knowledge of having an experienced technician on site to support them in implementing their POS or back office solutions.
Using our remote support tools we are able to directly connect to us and be working towards your solution within minutes of your call. View our privacy policy for further information on remote support.
Onsite Support
As required, our trained technicians will be deployed to your premises to address issues ranging from software to project management, point of sale (POS) to networking problems.
Telephone Support
Our dedicated customer support staff are available 9 hours a day (9:00AM – 6:00PM) and offer efficient response and resolutions to your enquiry.
Email Support
While our existing customers enjoy the benefit of online support logging, we provide email support for our new customers to address their enquiries within 24 hours.